I have been working as a Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist,
and Life coach for more than 15 years in seven different
countries, and understand that all human beings can
have difficulties enjoying life and its beautiful relationships
because we struggle with that constant voice in
our head that we call our mind.

We are so entangled with the chatter of our mind
about the past and the future, that we forget
to just live and enjoy life NOW.

We get so attached to our thinking process that
our continuous inner resistance to life events and circumstances
reflects in our body as physical tension and disease.

My heartfelt intention is to help as many people as possible through
with this universal struggle and ultimately overcome it to live a balanced
and fulfilling life and harmonious relationships.


I feel it is my purpose to translate my understanding of the ancient yoga scriptures, the coaching tools I’ve developed from them and the knowledge I have received from the leaders in the field of life and relationship coaching, into teachings that are approachable for everybody. It is my passion to reach as many people as possible, ON AND OFF THE MAT, because I have found in this teachings a user’s manual for the human body and mind which has transformed my own life and the lives of many.

I am here to guide you on a journey ON OR OFF THE MAT where the connection between your body and mind becomes clear to you and you will believe in your innate power to create the life you want by finding the KEY TO YOUR MIND.

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