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After talking to Tina I felt like she had read my wife’s mind. She gave me fun directives to integrate into our relationship that immediately rewarded me with the emotions I were missing. Tina showed me that instead of giving up on what we have, we have to invest into it and find the spark again that brought us together as a couple. With her help our marriage blossoms again.”

Mark | 34 | USA

Before I booked my first meeting with Tina, I was lost somewhere between the lines, and I was not sure where to go and who to turn to. She helped me to restructure my goals and reevaluate my purpose of life, and it motivated me to focus on the things that really mattered to me. I cannot thank her enough for her kind gesture and sweet words towards me.”

Susan | 31 | USA

“We were at a turning point in our life and relationship when we consulted with Tina. She helped us redefine our values and needs in a new life stage. We learned how to move beyond our worries about our kids and their families and found new ways to communicate with them. We both learned how to focus on the bright side of life even during times of change.”

Erika & Peter I 64 65 | USA

“I was at a point in my life where I felt worthless and useless, and I continued feeling dis empowered. I knew I needed to work with a life coach and I couldn’t have asked for a better life coach than Tina herself. I was not sure about my relationships with other people, and I often reckoned and stressed over the idea of changing my career field. Tina reached out to me in times of need, and she helped me to view life and its opportunities clearly. Eventually, I learned tools to improve my relationship with my husband and my kids and at the same time to listen to myself and create the career I wanted.”

Abha I 28 I UAE

“Tina helped me to find my purpose again after a struggle with my career and health. Sometimes, we just have to admit that we are stuck and need a push into the right direction. That was exactly what I needed and what I received from her.”

Susan I 59 I USA

“From my first talk with Tina, I noticed how she listened to me without any judgments, and she helped me to view my concerns and worries as opportunities in my life, rather than obstacles. She has a genuine way of looking at the bright side of life and brings out your inner power to create the life you want.”

Mark I 33 I Germany

“Tina taught us that happiness and a harmonious relationship are a choice and require commitment and investment, she helped us understand and change our behavioral patterns to understand each other and ultimately to live a happy fulfilling marriage where love, companionship, respect and laughter prevail.”

Tiffany & Aaron I 38 41 I UK

“In my life Tina’s sessions have helped me on different aspects. First of all for the management of anxiety and the relationship with my Family. I realized that I am able to do more things than I thought. I have more awareness of my physical and mental capacities. So I am less afraid to face the trials of life small and large. I’m more focused and I have more capacity to focus on my goals. I am now able to face the unexpected with more serenity and to create the emotions I need.”

Gabriella I 71 I Italy

“My work with Tina has helped me to see myself as a more powerful and confident woman, which has had a positive impact on both my professional and personal relationships. It is fun working with her because she sees the humor in the universe’s mysterious ways.”

Bonnie I 58 I USA

“Learning about Yoga, the ancient science of Life, and having Tina as a Coach on my side, gave me back what our way of life takes from us every day. Time to breathe, not thinking about superficial stuff, to just Be and accept what is. I feel like i am living in harmony with myself and the world around me and have more energy and love to give to my family.”

Zac and nephew I 54 I USA

“I was like an old precious cupboard full of rusty things and forgotten stuff. Tina opened gently the door and by each lesson threw old things away and fixed the good ones. Now I‘m shining from within. If you are looking for joy, you will never find it. If you follow Tina you will soon be in the main of joyful light. „Like the waves do to the pebbled shore“ so does Tina refresh my inner life. When I started to feel happier, my relationships with others changed as well in a positive way.”

Renate I 44 I Germany

“I started yoga with Tina after trying different classes and not meeting the right teacher for me. At Tina’s studio I found a clean, airy, professional space, dedicated solely to yoga, and Tina’s teaching style suited me perfectly! Dynamic and challenging but philosophical and spiritual at the same time. I hadn’t been to practise for a while, but she put me at my ease and adapted all the poses for beginners and experienced yogis. The other great thing is her laugh, I was a bit frazzled when I first started going, and her lighthearted attitude taught me so much about myself, her little lessons about yoga philosophy while sweating in downward dog gave me new perspectives on life. I found myself more balanced and happier as a result. Thanks to her i got fitter and happier at the same time! She lives her philosophy and dedicates her time to social activities like helping the homeless and spreading yoga philosophy through song and music. She really fulfilled the idea ‘when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear’ for me.”

Giorgia I 36 I England

“We experienced a tragic loss in our family and were overwhelmed with both, the emotions and the changes. Tina was a source of great support and helped us to accept and to create an even stronger connection between my wife and me.”

Lars I 38 I Sweden

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