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Why you want to try a YOGACOACHING class:

YOGACOACHING ON THE MAT offers a fusion of the sacred science of Yoga and a contemporary LIFE COACHING approach. While you bend and twist your body in the various Yoga poses, Asana, you are invited to contemplate on the weekly class theme. You are either offered questions about yourself to reflect on or receive yoga wisdom, while you are holding a Yoga pose. Throughout your physical experience on the mat, you are challenged to understand certain thinking patterns and habitual behaviors of your own mind. 

If we diminish the word Yoga to a purely physical practice on the mat, we miss out on a crucial aspect.”

Each Asana not only has an effect on our physical bodies, but also has an underlying connection with some aspect of our lives, relationships, and spiritual selves.”

Our instruments – body and mind – are deeply connected. Through the practice of Asana we try to find balance, strength, and flexibility in our body with the intention of achieving the same in our mind. 

When people come to my Yoga classes, they do not merely want to move their bodies—they are seeking tools to deal with their life’s circumstances and relationships OFF THE MAT. 

(Excerpt of my book “YOGA COACHING Use your practice to resolve emotional baggage, master your mind & create harmony in your life& relationships”)

Only when we observe our mind’s behavior from a distance, like we do in our total presence while we are on the mat, we can understand how it works. Once we understand how our own human mind is acting, we can start making it work for us, creating the thoughts and emotions we desire and we need, to motivate the actions that bring us closer to our personal goals, closer to a joyful life and harmonious relationships.

Each Class starts with a chant and an introduction to the class’s theme, which will set the intention for our practice. After the class you are not only feeling physically light and mentally uplifted, but you are leaving the class with knowledge you need to cope with your mind, your thoughts and emotions, in daily life, off the mat.

I am here you guide you on your path to a fulfilling life and a peaceful mind. My mission is to help you enjoy this human experience! Enjoy & shine your light!

Love, Tina

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Legal disclaimer
If you have never practiced Yoga before or you have medical issues, high blood pressure or if you are pregnant, I would recommend you to rather wait until you can practice in person with a qualified teacher or contact your physician for a consultation before you go on the mat. I would like to ask you to take responsibility for your health and well-being in relation to my yoga classes. I will not be liable to you in respect of any personal injury that you may suffer or sustain as a result of following my yoga videos.

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Get a free video about How to create the emotions you want!
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