Yoga Coaching


Yoga Coaching is an invitation to explore a vision of life that is
based on the idea taught to us by the ancient Yogi masters – that you
are a divine soul, coming from a dimension of unconditional peace.
You have been given the opportunity to live a human experience on this
planet, and were gifted a human body as your vehicle and a human
mind as your instrument

The goal is for us to enjoy total freedom, which can only be achieved
when we accept that our inner peace and the state of our inner
world does not depend on life events or how others treat us. When we
embrace the perspective that we are not our bodies or our minds, but divine souls that have been granted the great gift of spending a short period
of time in a human body, equipped with a human mind, we are
able to approach life differently.

I want you to remember that you are here to enjoy this gift, to make the
best out of it, and that this is only possible when you learn how to use
your instruments, your body & mind.

My intention behind YOGA COACHING is not to create another yoga style based on sequencing of postures, breathing exercises and deep relaxation, but an invitation for Yoga Teachers, Practitioners and Seekers of the Truth, to dive deeper into YOGA AS A LIFE COACHING APPROACH

Everybody can practice, ON THE MAT while establishing a meaningful connection with the postures as forms of spiritual practice and guiding tools for mastering this human experience or OFF THE MAT following the path, Yoga and Coaching lay out for us to WIN THE GAME OF LIFE.

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